Why Did Sister Jones Run?

As a child, I sometimes visited a Pentecostal Church with a friend. There was an elderly lady, Sister Jones, who, sometimes would jump up, wave a hanky, scream “waaho!” run down the aisle and keep right on going.  

Only certain songs incited this hasty departure.  I never knew if this behavior was brought on because she liked the songs or because she didn’t Nobody ever said a bad word about her departure and nobody would see her again till after church.  

As a child I’d often wondered where the dear sister would run to. Who’s to say she didn’t run on out the back door and go home for another piece of jelly toast?  Things that make a child’s mind say, ‘hmmmmmm.’ 

Churches have split over things like what kind of music is played and even the color of the new carpet. The pastor’s sermon, the prayer, music; ALL these things are important to our individual perception of “church.”  

When the congregation has hundreds of people it’s not likely all of the people are going to like what’s being done all the time. The science of statistics proves that’s just not ever going to happen, no matter who is in charge of WHAT!  

I love my church; it has lots of people, including me, not “just me.” When I become involved in the ministry and outreach of the church, I find I’m less likely to be critical and more likely to focus on the joy of simply being a participant.  Our surroundings can enhance our mood but worship comes from  our heart.  

Psalms 34:3 O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.

Prayer:  Father, help me to focus on who I worship and why I worship instead of how everybody else is worshipping.  Show me how to stay  my mind on your presence and not on the “stuff” that distracts.  I want to know you, to worship you.  Amen.


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