A devotion book for committed Christians.

By annie

The purpose of this devotion series is to encourage you, often through humor, to live fully for Jesus every day; regardless of circumstances or consequences.


The title, “RUBBER ON THE ROAD”, was inspired by the old adage, “That’s where the rubber meets the road;” an idiom that is used to reference the point where head knowledge meets life application. Often using real life situations to illustrate daily Biblical truths; “Rubber” will make you laugh and sometimes sigh in acknowledgement of ‘been there done that’.  


Using both the humor and the frailty of our own humanity, you will ask yourself, “how serious am I about keeping my commitment to Christ? It’s in my head, but can I actually live the Christ life when “The Rubber Meets the Road”?


My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will use these devotions to guide you into a deeper and more trusting relationship with Christ so that like Paul, you can say, “Follow me as I follow Christ.”

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