Things Go Better With Jesus

My friend and I were on a tour of the Coca Cola bottling plant. The final feature of the tour was the product museum. Every flavor of coke ever created was featured for a ‘tasting’. 

We were enjoying our ‘tasting tour’, moving down the line cafeteria style.  It was surprising to see how many flavors had been made compared to the number of flavors that actually made it into production.

Lively music was playing and she and I were dancing along, tasting and giggling. My friend’s comments on some of the crazy flavors that “never passed the taste test” were making me laugh! 

Turning forward to make sure there were no obstacles to trip over, I found myself nose to nose with the woman in front of me. As I made an ecstatic utterance of surprise the lady also squealed and then, SLAM, I ran slap into ——-the mirror.  

There had been no lady in front of me; it had been my own reflection! When I hit the mirrored glass wall, I lost my balance, fell backwards on my rear and threw the beverage all over my own face!  

Needless to say, everybody, including me, laughed at the crazy woman sprawled on the floor with Coke dripping from her nose. The mirror had not only been the cause of my misfortune, it served to display my undignified landing to everybody in the room. Mercy!  

Life has its share of embarrassing moments.  Our humanity can leave us in some unusual, albeit funny to an onlooker, situations.  

What better time to realize that ‘stuff’ happens to us all!  No person alive ever lived without an embarrassing moment at some point in their life; more often than not—there are MANY! 

Satan loves to take these moments that are so much a part of life and magnify them, point to them and use them to tear down our confidence and humiliate us.  One of satan’s favorite taunts is, “you look stupid!”  Genesis 1:27 says we are created in God’s image; notice the basis of the insult?

When I look at myself with a Biblical perspective of self esteem I see myself realistically and accept myself as I am, fragile in my humanity while perfect in Christ.  

With the help of the Holy Spirit, reading the word and the encouragement found through fellowship with other Christians; I know my state of human inperfection is only temporary.

II Corinthians 4:7 But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.

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