That’s MINE!


One year, my daughter had gotten a spooky candy bowl for Halloween.  It has a big monster hand that looked quite real–as real as a green hand with black fingernails can look, anyway.  It had an electronic eye and when you reached for a piece of candy, the hand came to life, lowered to touch your hand and an eerie voice said, “That’s Myyyyyyy candeeee!”

It was placed on the table as a sweet treat holder.  My granddaughter, Ally, who loved candy, reached for a piece of her favorite confection. The grisly hand lowered, hit her little hand and said, “That’s Myyyyyyy candeeee!”  Startled, she stood really tall and hollered “IS NOT!  That’s MY candy, and you CAN’T take it!” She hauled back and slapped that hand so hard the bowl went flying off the table throwing candy everywhere!

One of the ways that satan steals our joy is to whisper, “life is so not fair, God doesn’t care” or “you aren’t forgiven, God still remembers that sin” or “you’ll never make it, you’ll go back to the world, you’re just bad.”  Or how about, “you’re sick, you weren’t healed.”  And another of the devil’s favorite taunts is,”You’re too busy to go to church, those people are hypocrites any way.”

Imagine the daily strength we’d find, the power of ministry through us, if we’d respond to that evil voice the way Ally responded to the stealing of HER candy!  The next time satan tries to steal your joy, your peace or your victory, stiffen your back, hold up your hand in Jesus’ name and boldly proclaim, “THAT’S MINE and you CAN’T take it!”

Romans 8:37 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.

Prayer:  Father, show me how to stand tall and strong in the face of my adversary.  Give me wisdom to deal with every attack and to not be intimidated, I’m your child.  Amen.


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