Stop Thinking About Your But!

My grandson, a preschooler, went to play on the playground after eating his hamburger.

After running out the door to the extravagant play facility, he just stopped and stood still.

Then he came back inside and sat down with a big, exaggerated siiiiigh.   

I asked him why he wasn’t playing.  He sighed again then said he was going to but then he started thinking about having to take his shoes off (a sign said take your shoes off to be on the playground)

Then he continued, “But if I take my shoes off then my socks get dirty. Siiiiiigh. AND, I can climb all the way up to the top, BUT, what if I can’t climb back down?”  (another illustrative sigh)  I told him to stop thinking about his “but” and just go play! 

I love the way the Bible uses every day stuff to illustrate truth.   Matt. 12: 29 talks about how the strong man of the house has to be tied up before the thief can rob him.  Your “but” can tie you up.  You’d read your Bible, BUT–. 

We’d witness to that friend next door, BUT–.  We’d go to church faithfully BUT–. Satan knows that there is strength in reading God’s Word.  He knows that there is encouragement in fellowship and there is reward in witness, so, he ties us up. 

When we focus on our “BUT,” we sit down, sigh and just —–let it go. The next time your “BUT” gets in the way and you neglect the things that would lead to an intimate relationship with Jesus. Stop thinking about your but!  

Matthew 12:29  Or again, how can anyone enter a strong man’s house and carry off his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man? Then he can rob his house.

Prayer:  Father, help me to stop looking for “buts” and start looking for HOW to have a closer relationship with you and do your will. Show me HOW to find reasons for participation instead of excuses for –my but.  Amen.







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