Like Comfortable Old Shoes



Today, I’ve got on my comfortable shoes.  They aren’t pretty, they’re raggedy and worn thin. 

Probably because I put them on every day and rely on them when I have serious walking to do.

My Bible should feel the same way. It is the first thing I reach for when I’m walking through some serious daily trials, which is, when I think on it, EVERY day. 

I’ve dribbled coffee on the pages, cried on it, held it on my lap, thrown it in the back seat of my car and even stashed it under my bed a few times.  An everyday Bible should feel comfortable in hand.  Kind of like your comfy tennis shoes feel on your feet. 

An everyday Bible can be picked up when your hands are dirty or your mouth wants to be dirty–. A Bible that you can grab when you’re so mad you’re going to cry but nobody really gives a flip and that makes you even madder! 

An everyday Bible “knows” your touch and turns to what you need as soon as you reach for it.  It has notes and reminders scribbled inside the covers.  The verses are highlighted and your private thoughts are penned in the margins without fear of prying eyes that would see into your innermost soul. 

Each day of life will have new applications that require further study, more notes that earmark current trials and victories. Fresh revelations of God’s truth need to be chronicled inside the cover for current life circumstances.  Yesterdays notes need to be reread for encouragement and affirmation. 

Like every day wear leaves a permanent impression of your foot in your favorite shoes; every day reading of God’s Word leaves a permanent impression in your heart.   

Psalms 119:11  I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.

Prayer:  Father, help me to treasure your Word, open my eyes to see your direction and encouragement in it’s pages.  I love you, thank you for talking to me through your Word. Amen


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