Life Comes at You Fast



John 16:33

One morning, my daughter looped the leash of their full grown Great Dane, Toby, around the table leg so he’d be out from under foot while she did household chores. She headed upstairs; certain that he’d not be able to follow her.

When Toby saw her start upstairs, he decided he’d go with her. When he took off running, the table followed as far as space permitted then slammed into the kitchen counter flying into pieces.

Hearing the crash, she looked up to see BIG Toby sliiiiiiiding wildly across the kitchen floor ON HIS BACK, feet waving wildly. She dropped the laundry she was carrying and ran to see what had happened. The kitchen looked like a bomb had gone off!

The kitchen table was in a heap, broken in pieces. The laundry was everywhere. The trash can had been knocked over and there was trash all over the floor. She listened; silence. Toby was nowhere to be found.

She called for him, no answer. Fearing he had been seriously injured, she started going through the house softly saying his name. She found him in his sleeping crate, with his front paws over his snout, eyes big as saucers–trembling. Toby, having NO idea what happened, figured he had been a very BAD dog and had run to his sleeping crate to hide.

Sometimes, these unexpected events are humorous, at least in retrospect. Other times, life’s unplanned interruptions are much more painful. The unexpected serious illness of a loved one, a tragic accident, a sudden financial reversal; the list of possible crisis is endless. Satan often tries to use these hard life experiences to destroy our faith.

So often, like Toby, when disaster strikes, we run and hide, figuring we have somehow caused the tragedy. When “stuff” happens, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have been bad.  God isn’t punishing us; He isn’t angry at us for some sin we have committed unawares.

The scripture says that bad stuff will happen. The important thing to remember is that God loves us and no matter what happens, the Holy Spirit will direct us and comfort us. Where we have a problem is when we run away from God instead of toward God. Even when we hurt and are confused, God has answers for our every need.

John 16:33 I have told you these things so that in me, you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart. I have overcome the world.

Prayer: Father, help me to realize that you are sovereign and that you work all things for my good. Encourage, direct and comfort me by your Holy Spirit. Help me to keep my eyes on you, even in difficult times. I love you. Amen.


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