Don’t Just Highlight It


On my kitchen bookshelf is a row of diet books. I’ve read the books, agreed with them, highlighted them and dog eared their pages.   

But, when it comes right down to it, I put the book back on the shelf and keep right on going. 

To actively lose weight requires discipline, planning and action. The hardest part is simply, doing it. Discipline is never easy.

There is one discipline in life even more important than healthy living; holy living. Not just doing the motions, but doing everything possible, with the Spirit’s help, to make life application.  

The best way to make life application is to find scripture that directly associates with my life; like verses on self control. I read not only the verse itself, but the chapter, even several chapters around the verse. A good first step is to read the applicable verse(s) every day. But, the most important step is—do what the verse says. 

As I read the scripture, I think of how it can be directly applied to my life. Not just as a guideline, but as an actual ‘event’. For instance, not just ‘I need to make a daily time of prayer” but, “I’m going to make ‘this’ time for prayer”, then keep the appointment with the same attention that I would any appointment.  

Like with finding a diet that works for me, I must find a time during my busy day to sit quietly with my Bible, read and pray.  The same discipline that I apply for accomplishing every day things in my life can be applied to accomplish a time of devotion.  Plan it then DO it. 

James 1:22  Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.

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