When Your Puzzle Gets Dumped

Oh, my GOODNESS, moving to another house is stressful!  I love my new home, but all of the change has been —MERCY!

However, change is a normal part of living!  Change, whether I like it or not, is inevitable.  

There are some changes in life that are good, but because of the newness, the change is still disconcerting. A marriage, the birth of a child, a job change or a change in residence can all be good changes but, never the less, require emotional adjustments.     

Whenever a really big change takes place in my life, I feel like someone dumped my puzzle out on the floor and I can’t find all the pieces. 

Even when the change has been planned for and eagerly anticipated, the feelings of confusion can be overwhelming.  During these times is when I need to remind myself that no matter how different everything is at this moment, God is the same.     

With every change is the experiential knowledge that my life “puzzle” will get back together.  The “picture” may be different, but the pieces of my life will once more fall into place.   People, routines and lifestyles will all become familiar again.   

During this period of adjustment, I take special effort to be constant in my time with the Lord.  The familiarity of prayer and devotion comforts and reassures me.   

God is faithful and changeless in a changing world.  As long as I keep my eyes on Him today and every day, life changes can be kept in perspective.  Whether life brings hard change or good change, God never changes. 

Malchi 3:6  “I the Lord do not change—“





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