When Life Gives You Taco Meat

life can be taco meat

One night, as the kids were getting ready for bed, my grandson handed his mom a folded up piece of paper. In explanation, he told her that his teacher had sent “this” to her. He didn’t remember exactly when, but maybe last Monday—and he forgot. 

She unfolded the paper and began to read.  “Dear ‘Mom,’ Thank you so much for volunteering to season, cook and bring to class six pounds of ground beef for Taco Day Friday.” (tomorrow)  Of course, she did what any mom would do, she gasped, “WHAT? I DID WHAT? WHEN DID I SAY I’D DO THAT?!”  

Innocently and very confidently he said, “Mom, I knew it wouldn’t be any trouble for YOU. You make GREAT taco meat, that’s why I said you’d do it.”  With that he hugged her and ran off to bed leaving the “great Taco meat cooker,” making an unplanned night time trip to the grocery store. 

Especially when we are raising our families, we can have things that surprise us.  Even when we are faithful to follow God’s word and love Him, unexpected ‘stuff’ can happen. Sudden financial set backs, unexpected medical bills, car repair; the list can often be overwhelming.  

It is good to know that before we are even aware that we have a need, God has set actions in motion to meet that need.  Sometimes, the need is not met the way we think it should be met.  Sometimes there are important things to learn through that ‘need.’  

God loves us and allows us to experience all kinds of life circumstances.  Sometimes, He teaches us how He provides for us.  Sometimes, He shows us how great His mercy is.  Sometimes, ‘taco meat’ just– happens– and all we can do is trust and hold on to Jesus. But, God is always intimately aware of all our life struggles.

Be assured that God’s plan is always at work in our lives to make us into the vessels he intends for us to be.  Seek God’s wisdom to handle daily struggles. The only certain cure for handling life’s surprises is a relationship with Jesus.  

Romans 8:28 For we know that in all things works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.



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