When It’s Over, It’s Over

One night, I was with my 4 year old grandson, Max. He was very absorbed with a caterpillar He had found and claimed as his “pet worm”.

The worm was a very wiggly worm and Max was having a giggly good time letting it crawl on his face, under his shirt, up his legs and down his socks.  He’d hold it in his hands and pet it with his fingertips, talk to it and was quite involved with  his new pet. 

After awhile, I noticed Max was sitting at the kitchen table, leaning on his elbows staring at the worm, lying before him on a napkin.  I asked him if he was still playing with his “pet”.  He solemnly said, “It’s dead mamaw.”   

Knowing how tenderhearted he is, I said, “Are you sure, Max?” He shrugged and nodded, put his ear down to the still body and said, “Yup, I can not hear him breathing.”  I said, Oh, Max, I’m SO sorry, are YOU ok?” Max, his expression very serious, said, “Yep, I think so.” 

I sat down beside him. We both stared at the dead worm for a moment.  Max looked up at me and said, “It’s ok, mamaw, my worm went to heaven, he haved Jesus in his heart.”  I said, “He DID?” How do you know the worm was saved?’ Max seriously nodded and said, “I prayed with him before he died.” Sitting in quiet thought, he added, “I hope he knowed it was his last chance.” 

He shrugged, wadded the napkin up with the dead body in it and said, “I’m throwin’ it in the toilet cause when you’re dead it’s over and you’re not coming back.” Off down the hall he went.  In a moment, I heard the toilet flush.

Death is part of life. None of us are getting out of here alive; until the Lord returns. The important question is, have YOU received Christ as YOUR Savior? 

Hebrews 9:27 It is appointed unto man once to die and after this, the judgment.

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