The Psalm of a Senior Heart

A poem from the hearts of the senior citizens at Lake Wylie Church 2010 

I’m thankful for God’s safe keeping. He cares even about the little things!

When it’s dark and I’m afraid, He keeps me. When I walked through the valley of sickness in the shadow of death He touched me, restored me and healed me. 

You bless me, turning my poverty into Your plenty. You came in when there was no hope, You brought me out. You gave me joy and took my sadness. 

Oh, that You would bring those that I love to the joy of your salvation and wipe all the tears from my eyes!  (Selah) 

Because my heart knows you, I worship you. You are all that I need. Your faithfulness is overwhelming!  My trust in you has never been betrayed!

(The active members of the LWCA Senior Citizen’s Group worked together to create this Poem of Senior Praise.) 

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