The Gospel According to ME?

Gspl acdng to me 2 resz. 09 008

Anybody who knows me knows that I can NOT sing. In church, I have to watch other people to know when to clap!  Never the less, when I’m in the car with my young grandchildren, I love to sing and encourage them to sing along with me; it keeps them from fighting in the back seat while I drive.  

One afternoon in mamawl exuberance, I asked if the kids would like to sing “Jesus Loves the Little Children.”  Eight year old Zac quickly inquired, “Mamawl, do you want us to sing it the way you sing it or the way it’s supposed to sound?” 

Our relationship with Jesus has a personal affect on the lives of those around us, whether we realize it or not. Even our small decisions and the commitments they hold have eternal consequences.  Every area of our life will, in time, reflect our daily decisions and affect those who watch our lives. Does our life reflect the world, or illustrate Christ?  Do our every day routines and decisions look like Jesus?  

Do those closest to us; our mate, our children and our extended family, see Christ in our priorities and goals? How does our every day life reflect our savior?  Do we consciously choose to make those moment by moment decisions that are based on Godly principles? Remember, each of us has someone who looks up to us. Think about it; what IS the Gospel according to ME? 

I Cor. 11:1  Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ. NIV

Prayer:  Father, please help me to represent your loving kindness and direction to those around me.  Help me to study your Word so that I know your plan.  I love you. Amen.

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