The Fearful Fruitbat Filing System


All afternoon, I’ve been working on computer housekeeping. My mind does not work well with computers.  I’ve found with repeated exposure and a lot of head banging (mine–) that I can almost squeak through and accomplish the basics—ok, maybe not. 

One of the things that really messes me up, and it is a uniquely ‘me’ thing, is naming folders then forgetting what is in them. Always, I end up with multiple folders and still can’t find stuff when I want it–which I find to be maddening.   

Saved as separately named documents, I have 6 copies of some things, and still can’t find one. When I finally do find one, I make another copy in case I lose that copy, again.  Then, I have 7 copies each named differently. In my mind, I refer to this as the ‘fearful fruitbat filing system’.  

My limited memory is one of the many reasons why I’m SO thankful for the Holy Spirit!  When I read God’s Word and hide it in my heart, the Holy Spirit is faithful to bring scripture to mind as needed.  God’s Word provides direction, encouragement and instruction.  When we read God’s Word, our faith is increased (Roman’s 10: 17) 

The Word of God is active and living, sharper than a two edged sword!  (Hebrews 4:12) No matter what my trial, there is scripture to strengthen me and help me to see God’s direction.  Read God’s word every day and it will always be in your heart; easily accessible through the Holy Spirit when you need it. 

Psalms 119:11  I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.


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