“Nothing” Is A Choice Too

My Mom’s favorite TV show, when I was growing up, was “Let’s Make a Deal.” A contestant was given the opportunity to choose between three doors.

Behind two doors were undesirable prizes. Behind one door was a very expensive, wonderful prize. On the surface, the doors looked the same.

Life has three choices; one of them is to actively serve God with all of my heart. The other two choices are satan’s plans, to choose active sin or—–do –nothing.  Each day, I choose one of those three plans, whether intentionally or not, the choice is made.

Because of my busyness, it can be easy to focus on my “to do” list and keep on moving; doing nothing for God.  However, it really is not a big deal to make doing something for God a part of my daily accomplishments. Satan whispers I’m too busy already, but a common sense approach shouts, “THIS IS DOABLE!”

Many of Jesus’ directions were for common ministry; visit the elderly, share the Gospel with those around me and pray for the sick. These are things that I can fit into my schedule with little effort. I simply have to plan, like I do for a hair appointment or coffee with a friend. Why is it only ‘God Stuff’ that I struggle with making time for—hmmm, interesting.   

I’m a Christian, satan knows that he’s not going to have much luck in tempting me with serious sin, like lawlessness or the ‘flesh’ sins.  He does, however, have a pretty good chance of convincing me to do nothing. The choice of nothing is easy; no effort required, but it is a conscious choice.

Do I plan and commit to a daily time of Bible reading and prayer?  Satan makes that seem like a BIG deal, taking up way too much time, but, remember; satan is a liar. With a little planning, I can fit quiet time with Jesus into my daily schedule just like I do putting on my makeup and exercise.

Have I determined to be faithful in church? Do I look for ways to minister to those around me? Or, have I done nothing? Just like all the other important things on my ‘tado’ list; “God things” require planning and action. I must choose to plan, then, I must act on my decision because, doing nothing is—-a sin.

James 4:17 Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.

Prayer: Father, help me to choose to do SOMETHING for you today.  I’m the only person who can make my daily choices, direct my heart. I want to love you with actions, not just my words. Amen.


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