I Will Make My Life A Paean

Yesterday, David’s Psalm 136 caught my eye.  What makes this Psalm different than all the others is that every other line is the repeated phrase, “his mercy endures forever.”

Why did David repeat the same line–to the point of making it a paean?   As ever, I ask God to show me the truth in His Word. Even this repetitive line must have some root in reason? 

Today, as I engage in my daily routine, I find myself consumed with care for my loved ones, the church and the world.  As I work, play, rest and sleep, I find my heart’s prayer a reminder of whose I am. 

My friends and loved ones need Jesus; I’ve wearied them with my constant witness. They turn and hide when they see me coming. My voice is like fingers grating on a black board to their ears. I love you, my Lord; I trust you and I will see your salvation.

The economy is shaking.  My dollars pay for less and less. The cost of living escalates day by day. A loaf of bread and a gallon of milk costs more than a week’s groceries did when I was a child. My job is uncertain; I don’t know if there will be a pay check next week. I love you, my Lord; I trust you and am eager to see your provision.

The government is corrupt; officials mock the name of my King and belittle his son, Jesus Christ. Those who praise you openly and give thanks are ridiculed and mocked.  It is against the rules to carry your precious Holy Word into our work place, our schools. I love you, my Lord; I trust you and am eager to see your Kingdom come.

The fools who do not know you predict the end of time will be soon. The calendar of the ancient ones ends leaving those of weak faith to declare there is no future. Earthquakes and great storms ravage the countryside; who knows what will happen next?  I love you, my Lord; I trust you and am eager to be surrounded by your protection.

How can I doubt your strength when I look into your face and see the fire in your eyes?  The world crumbles, the economy shakes, the people rebel, yet I will not be afraid because you are my Lord and I will keep my eyes on you and you alone. I love you, my Lord; I trust you and am eager to be consumed by your peace.

Tears streaming down my face, I can do nothing but worship. The concerns of life, the fears of the day, the worrisome sounds of rebellion against your name weary my ears. But, my heart rejoices because I know YOU. My hands must lift in praise because you have shown yourself victorious through the ages and continue to be the victor even in the present age. I love you, my Lord; I trust you and am eager to be consumed by your praise.

King David was just as we are today—sure; he wore different clothes, walked on different streets, but his strength, resources and protection were provided by his God.  Shouldn’t my heart also be consumed with the acknowledgement of my Lord’s presence?  Indeed, from this moment on; it will be.

Psalms 136: 26 Give thanks to the God of heaven.
His love endures forever.

Prayer:  Father, help me to acknowledge that you are over all things, nothing happens that you are unaware of. Send your Spirit to encourage me to look behind me at your faithfulness in the past and to look before me in faith of your continued provision. Thank you. I love you. Amen.

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