I Did It. Please, help me.


 Remember when we were kids and something got broken; mom would say, ‘who did this?’ 

Our first response was to shout, “Not me!”  If mom persisted in finding out who had committed the offense, we’d point to somebody else and proclaim, “They did it!” And if that didn’t work, “They made me do it!”   

We all have times when we stumble and must face the sting of guilt. Thankfully, the Bible gives us a standard to go by when we face the uncomfortable challenge of accepting responsibility for something we’ve done wrong.  

Psalm 51 shows how David, said to be a man after God’s own heart, accepted the responsibility for his own sin. Notice that David didn’t try to lessen his guilt by moving attention to all the circumstances surrounding his fall. 

David didn’t make an excuse of how lonely it was ruling a nation or how tough it was being king.  Neither did he point his finger at how tempting it was for Bathsheba to be standing naked where he could see her. David didn’t point to others’ failures to justify his sin.  

He accepted full responsibility for having failed. He began by seeking God’s mercy then made bare his heart. David recognized the condition his sin had left him in and made the humble realization that only God could make things right. 

David understood that God requires truth when we confess our sins.  He submitted himself to God’s discipline and acknowledged not only his sinful act but his sinful state in life.  

There was complete repentance, not sorrow at being caught, but sorrow for the sinful state of his heart. David sought God’s wisdom in how to make his path straight as a part of his confession.  

As with our sins today, David’s sin had consequences; hard consequences. But, in God’s mercy, David was able to pull his life together and move on.

We must do the same thing when we sin. Confess to God, repent, accept God’s mercy and then, with God’s help, work through the circumstances our rebellion has caused.    

Psalm 51:17 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise

Prayer:  Father, thank you for the blood shed at Calvary that covers my sins.  Forgive me for my sins and the things I do that don’t please you. Help me to stand with a pure heart. Thank you SO much. Amen

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