Be a KID!


One day I was talking to my granddaughter, Ally, about something we had done together the summer before.

She sighed with all the patient wisdom of a nine year old and wistfully said, “but, mamaw, that’s when I was just a child!”   

As children, we often ask Jesus into our hearts; giving ourselves without reservation. Maintaining that child like commitment has everything to do with the choices we make moment by moment.

One of the things that life teaches us, through experience, is how the simplest every day decisions can affect the rest of our life. 

Whether we are young or old, every day we choose whether or not to serve God like a child; with ALL of our heart.

When we keep “living for Christ” in our thoughts; temptations are less likely to influence us in our decision making.  

When we do fall prey to temptation, our conscious awareness of Christ through the Holy Spirit brings us to fast repentance and redirection.  

The constant renewal of my commitment to serve God can also help me to overcome damage made by my past decisions.

Even the decisions others have made that have harmed me can be overcome by God’s overall plan for my life. (Genesis 45: 4-7)

Our every day life is also an on-going witness to others as our childlike trust in God’s sovereignty, no matter what circumstances are, is seen. 

During the course of the day, do I choose to be influenced by the world, or do I choose to keep my heart close to Christ in childlike innocence?  This decision is made moment by moment, hundreds of times each day.  

A committed Christian life that glorifies Jesus isn’t about long term commitment; it’s about right now commitment. 

(Luke 18:17) I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.

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