THAT’S in the BIBLE? Are You Kidding Me?

If you think Bible study is boring, here are a few unexpected things that will help you bring life and humor to your devotions.

Something that would be of particular interest to the parents of daughters is found in Genesis 34.  Dad’s might want to keep this chapter at hand to share with your daughters’ boyfriends.  Just tell him this is your favorite Bible Story and let him read it for himself.  

There is some really kool really weird stuff in the Bible: 

Leviticus 13:34-53 has all you ever wanted to know about mildew. These verses make me really glad we don’t live under the law anymore!  On a humid summer day, I’d have to offer a whole flock of doves to atone for my bathroom shower!  Great illlustration of how the law was meant to show how impossible it is to live by ‘rules’.  Christianity isn’t about rules, it’s about relationship. 

Judges 15:1-6  This father was out of the box when it came to meddling!  And talk about retribution and anger management~! 300 foxes got their tails tied together to hold a torch then turned loose to set fire to a field !  And you thought in-law problems were a ‘today’ thing—ha! 

Deut. 23:12-14  God walked in the camp at night and well; this is the plan for the first outhouse.  God is very aware of our humanity.  

Judges 3:15-25 About a man who was so fat that when he was stabbed, the knife went into him and the fat closed over it and it disappeared.  While the guy was on the toilet, no less!  


God’s Word is about people and relationships!  Biblical customs and times were different but people and their attitudes and weaknesses were the same then as they are today. We are still a needy people and God still meets our needs.

Bible study does not have to be boring.  The Bible has love stories, murder mysteries, government strife, military conquests, household hints, instructions for child rearing and success in life. 

You can find comfort, encouragement, peace and enthusiasm within the pages of the Bible.  It’s still the number one best seller in the literary world today.  The devil tells you it’s boring— so you won’t read it.  But, the devil is a liar.  

Prayer:  Father, God, help me to always find your Word to be new and revealing.  Every time that I read your Word, show me new life applications, for me, right now.  I love you. Amen.



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