Questioning God’s Integrity

God has been teaching me something very important the last few weeks. There are so many things that make my heart ache, things that I’m standing on God’s Word for, in faith believing His Word.

In Hebrews, it says our faith is real when we have entered into God’s rest. In faith, knowing—-God is who He says He is and does what He says He will do. The devil can’t diminish my belief in my Lord–l know He is real because l have heard His voice and felt His presence.

BUT, the oldest trick satan has is—the fear that God can not be trusted. In Genesis 3:1, satan did not invite Eve to question God’s existence. He knew Eve had heard her God, and he knew that God walked in the cool of the evening in the garden with His children. To convince Eve that God wasn’t real was impossible.

So, instead, the very first words that the devil ever spoke–appearing as a snake in the garden to Eve—was, “Did God REALLY say that?”

He knew he couldn’t destroy Eve’s faith in God’s being real—so he did the next best thing—he questioned her about what God told her. He questioned God’s integrity.

That’s STILL the devil’s upfront strategy; he knows he can’t convince “us” that God is not real—because we KNOW God IS real and present. Instead, satan whispers to us—-“are you SURE God said that?”

Yes. I AM sure. God is sovereign; His plan for our lives does not change. His plan is so sovereign that no matter what circumstances in life, no matter WHAT we face or how often we stumble–He will make HIS plan work for us in the end.

But, there IS one fateful, sad thing that CAN change God’s plan for us, our own stubborn will. The life choices we make determine the path we take.

God does not MAKE us do anything, go anywhere, say anything or act any way. He simply says, “this is my plan, walk in it—.” He doesn’t give room for debate.

When we yield our life to Christ—we can enter into the rest that Hebrew’s speaks of—because we know that no matter what goes on, God IS sovereign and His plan for us IS—good. I have His Word on it.

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